Calm, enthusiastic,

with an eye for light & the environment.

Capturing the energy of the day.

Shem Roose

Shem Roose

I have been shooting weddings since 2004 and feel very fortunate to be a part of each couple’s wedding day. I enjoy the energy, the vows exchanged, the speeches and meeting new people at each wedding.

Aside from shooting weddings, I enjoy the outdoors. I got my start as a professional snowboarding photographer and worked in that industry for ten years. When I'm not shooting photos, I like to play my guitar, ride my mountain bike or watch Ozark on Netflix. My wife is my second photographer and she's really good at making funny noises to get kids to look at the camera if they're feeling shy.

Lastly, if you play Thin Lizzy on your wedding day I will be on the dance floor with you. You have been warned.





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